Morgan Marine is dedicated to ensuring that the environment is considered in every aspect of our business. We are committed to maintaining all vessel operations to all state, national, international statutory conventions pertaining to the preservation of the environment. We promote a culture in our business where employees consider the environment when selecting consumables and working practices designed to reduce waste, energy consumption and emissions


Morgan Marine is certified by the International Shipping Maritime Code (ISM) to operate and manage commercial offshore vessels over 500 tons. Our vessel and shore base safety management system is industry compliant with the Document of Compliance issued by Lloyds Classification Society. Stringent compliance and quality assurance of our administration systems allows Morgan Marine to prequalified and maintain relationships with oil majors and service providers world-wide.

To enhance our commitment to HSEQ Morgan Marine are continually focused on improving company onshore and ship based management systems. We are currently compliant in:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems

Morgan Marine Policies

Morgan Marine policy principals and code of industry practice are as follows: