MORGAN MARINE returns to Myanmar | Morgan Marine oil field services. Vessel supply and management and vessel manning.

MORGAN MARINE returns to Myanmar

Since 2002 Morgan Marine has been providing marine service to Premier Oil, Petronas (PCML) and service provider’s offshore Myanmar. Morgan Marine recently has been invited to design, analysis and install an eight point mooring system for an accommodation barge during a scheduled 2016 shut down. This system shall be overlayed on an existing tender assist rig anchor pattern. MM shall also provide marine representatives and rig movers throughout 2016 offshore season in Myanmar. 

Morgan Marine continues to provide the following services in the region: 

  • Offshore field logistical support
  • Chartering of offshore vessels and barges
  • Support vessels for the seismic industry
  • Supply of mooring hardware and installation
  • Development of field procedures and SIMOPS documents

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